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Since its triumphant debut at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival and its broadcast on HBO in 2003, BLUE VINYL has been part of a revolution to reduce our country's dependence on polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the most common plastics in our consumer society and one of the most toxic known to science.

Thousands of viewers have committed to PVC reduction as a result of seeing BLUE VINYL. And now with BLUE VINYL being released in a DVD edition jam-packed with extras, the message of the PVC-free movement can empower an even wider audience.

The DVD extras include a 17-minute epilogue to BLUE VINYL and a short, "Let the Consumer Revolution Begin," documenting the ways that BLUE VINYL has already had an impact in the movement to eliminate PVCBLUE VINYL ignited the imagination and the concern of its audiences, made them laugh and get bold in the face of chemical exposure and – in cooperation with on-the-ground organizers – has energized a PVC-free movement that is accelerating as high-profile corporations eliminate PVC from their production lines. From automobiles to building materials, and medical equipment to children’s toys, PVC is everywhere, yet the general public has failed to grasp its deleterious effects on the environment – or, more significantly, our health.  But since BLUE VINYL’s co-directors Judith Helfand and Dan Gold turned their cameras on the most ubiquitous plastic in our consumer society, vinyl will never again be seen as a benign material.  

The world’s first toxic comedy, BLUE VINYL, is a detective story and eco-activist documentary that has acted as a highly effective catalyst for organizers and activists whose efforts are focused on the phase -out of PVC and the just transition of that industry.  Major developments in the PVC-free revolution – some explicitly tied to the film – have been captured as mini-movies on BLUE VINYL’s new DVD, recently released on from Docurama®, the only all-documentary label in the home entertainment marketplace.

A critics’ darling at film festivals across the globe and Winner of the Excellence in Cinematography Award at Sundance, BLUE VINYL is a deeply personal and frighteningly vital exposé that has been applauded as “funny and irreverent… one of Sundance’s best [2002] documentaries!” (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times).  Skeptical of her parents’ decision to “re-side” their Long Island home with PVC -- Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Helfand set out with award winning cinematographer co-director Gold to discover the truth behind the potentially toxic effects of the material ever-present in our lives.  Their quest, like the film and its impact thus far, took twists and far reaching turns that no one could have anticipated.

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